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   Our Mission:
Exploring the frontiers of consciousness to advance  individual, social,
and global transformation.

Dr. Steven West

January 26, 2012

Attention Cheerleaders, Dancers, Golfers, Yogies, and everyone else who would like improved energy and alignment!

Dr C Samuel West spent $18,000 to see two of these techniques demonstrated just ONCE while becoming a Naprapath (a type of Chiropractor).

What is it worth to experience how you can keep your neck and hips aligned within a matter of seconds all by your self, without drugs, having to go through rather expensive therapy? The neck and hips are two main controlling points for the rest of your back.

Know anyone who's ever had any of the following conditions?

Head Aches
Car Accident
Lower Back Pain
Scoliosis (curvature of the spine)
Sciatica Pain
Someone who sits in front of their computer too much

Any golf professionals or other competitors who get a chiropractic adjustment prior to competition?

Experience this event and experience RELIEF!

When you buy a car, do you test drive it first? That's what you can do with this program and everyone who experiences these events is doing everything they can to take that next step!

Join us for this exciting event!

Each month IONS brings you interesting, inovative and cutting edge information

on the bridging of Science and Consciousness.

We look forward to seeing you

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